Total Liban offer

Claim your gift, your fuel card, TOTAL CARD worth 75.000 LBP, on

All you need is to share with us the ticket number issued with Friday Fever offers and you will receive a confirmation message.

Know more about Total Liban

Total is in Lebanon since 1951 and has expanded its presence in the country by building, with its partners, strong relationships that have lasted through time.

Total Liban is present today with a network of 190 service stations across the Lebanese territory and offers to its varied portfolio of clients a wide range of products amongst which TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants.

Total Liban controls its supply and distribution chain under its quality, safety and environment strategy. Total Liban is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Sales period from 10 until 13 January 2020
Travel period from 25 April until 30 June 2020
Minimum stay 3 days
Maximum stay 3 months
One stop over permitted in Paris in each direction at 100USD each
Change before/after departure permitted at 120USD each
Cancellation before/after departure not permitted

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