Air France is closer to you, thanks to OMT

A new payment method to settle the amount of your ticket in collaboration with OMT.
Book your ticket(s) online at only or through our call center at least 5 days before your departure date, and select the cash payment option at OMT, the leading money transfer, payment and government services agent in Lebanon with over 1000 branches throughout Lebanon. 
When choosing to pay via OMT, go to the nearest branch within 24 hours to pay the total amount of the ticket(s) in LBP.

Once you select this new payment option, you will receive all the details you need to provide to the OMT agent.
NEW! Pay in LBP at any OMT location.
The rate of exchange USD 1 = LBP 10009. This rate of exchange is subject to change.

Click here to read in real time the rate of exchange.

When selecting the « Cash at OMT » option, make sure to calculate the total ticket price in USD * the rate of exchange, in order to hold the exact amount in LBP when visiting any OMT location. 
  • Ticket price is 500 USD and the rate of exchange is 10009. The amount to be paid in LBP is 5004500 LBP.
  • If the booking reference includes more than one passenger, you need to multiply the LBP amount by the number of passengers.
OMT service fee to be added.
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